JUNIOR towel warming


The state of well-being in a comfortable environment, adequately heated, is like the pleasant feeling one experiences when wearing a warm bath-robe.
This is the reason for the use of the JUNIOR radiator in homes and hotel bathrooms and anywhere comfort and practicality are needed.


Produced in diecast aluminium alloy.
Excellent output in relationship to the limited space occupied.
Working pressure up to 600 K Pascal - 6 bar.
Double protection 'anaphoresis-bath' followed by epoxy powder enamelling.
Junior radiators can be used in a dual application version with the insertion of an electric element of suitable wattage, combined with the flow and return of the heating system water.
Alternatively for electric only heating, an electric element of suitable wattage may be enclosed in a recommended mixture of glycol-ethylene and water.

INSTALLATION (click here)
The JUNIOR radiator can be used in all hot water heating installations up to 100° C with a working pressure up to 600 K Pascal - 6 bar.
They can be installed in systems using iron, copper or thermoplastic pipes.
The highest thermal output can be obtained by mounting the radiators observing the following distances:
≥ cm. 6 from the wall (special bracket art. 30).
≥ cm. 10 from the floor or bath-rim.
In order to avoid problems due to deposit and corrosion in the heating system when using mixed metals it is recommended that the water pH is checked (preferably between 6,5 and 8) and to introduce a suitable inhibitive additive (Cillit-Hs 23 Combi or similar) in a quantity equal to the manufacturer's recommendation for circulating hot water.
We recommend the installation of floating automatic or manual air vent valves for radiators to ensure maximum efficiency.
In order to avoid problems with overpressure, we suggest not closing completely any valves. If it is necessary to isolate one or more radiators from the circuit it is advisable to put automatic air vent valves on every radiator.
The plug or reduction (art. 5 and 6) must be used only with original 'O-R' gasket (art. 24). Alternatively the kit (art. 44, 47, 49) can be used.


All radiators produced by Global are certified in accordance with the legislation specified by the various countries in which they are sold.