ISEO Heat and Save


Global aluminium radiators allow easy and immediate control of the temperature in each room, saving energy and providing maximum comfort.

ISEO is the result of 40 yars of experience and technological development; they look good, respond instantly to maintain desired temperature, save energy and they can be completely recycled.


Thanks to the high thermal conductivity of aluminium, Global radiators can also be used in installations with  condensing boilers and low water temperatures.


- The Iseo radiators can be used in all hot water or vapour heating installations up to 
  110º C with a working pressure up to 600 K Pascal - 6 bar.
- They can be installed in systems using iron, copper or thermoplastic pipes.
- The highest thermal output can be obtained by mounting the radiators observing the following distances:
  ≥ cm 3 from the wall
  ≥ cm 10 from the floor
  ≥ cm 10 from the shelf or window-sills

To avoid noise caused by thermal expansion the use of plastic sleeves on the brackets is recommended 
(Art. 4, 14, 25, 27 or 29 in our catalogue). 
- In order to avoid problems due to deposit and corrosion in the heating system when using mixed metals it is recommended
  that the water pH is checked (preferably between 6,5 and 8) and to introduce a suitable inhibitive additive (Cillit-HS 23 Combi
  or another product equal or similar) in a quantity equal 1 litre to every 200 litres of circulating water or according to the
  manufacturer's insructions.
- We recommend the installation of floating automatic or manual air vent valves for radiators to ensure maximum efficiency.
- In order to avoid problems with gases which can be present in the heating system and to eliminate excessive pressure, we suggest not
  closing completely the valves. If it is necessary to isolate one or more radiators from the circuit for protracted periods it is advisable to
  install automatic air vent valves on every radiator.
- To ensure lasting protection of the finished paint surface radiators must not be installed in a permanently wet or damp environment.
- Small paint imperfections or damage can allow aluminium oxidization that will stain or destroy the finished surface.
- It is advisable not to use abrasive products when cleaning the radiator surface.

Tous les modèles fabriqués par GLOBAL sont homologués selon les
normes en vigueur dans les différents pays où ils seront utilisés.