GLOBAL radiators have a ten year guarantee starting from the date of manufacturing.

This guarantee covers the replacement of those elements that because of manufacturing or material defects are not usable, but only on condition that installation has been executed in compliance with suitable regulations and instructions.

ISEO Heat and Save

Comfort and Energy Saving; Working at Low Temperature; Environment

VOX the pleasure of feeling warm

Innovative technology, exclusive design: this new GLOBAL product gives you the most a radiator can give.


Ultra-slim design - Sturdy, lightweight, stylish

VOX extra

Vox Extra is eternally elegant with clean, defined volumes. The radiator shows a calibrated balance between linearity and soft curves. The design combines aesthetic value and functionality optimizing air circulation and expressing the heart of Global's philosophy of maximum comfort combining energy savings.

EKOS ed EKOS PLUS irresistibly rounded

EKOS and EKOS PLUS, designed and patented by GLOBAL enrich the vast range of Global aluminum radiators.


The OSCAR radiator is ideally suited for any application in the home, hotel, and wherever the highest comfort and elegance are required.
The walls of the water channel have greater thickness which provides reliability and quality of the radiator.

VIP internal warmth

The VIP model, with its clean, aesthetic and elegant line, adapts itself to every aspect of your environment.

MIX a warm embrace

The MIX model, with its sober aesthetic and elegant line, adapts itself to every aspect of your environment.

GL the power of head

The GL design promotes natural air convection towards the centre of the room.

JUNIOR towel warming

The state of well-being in a comfortable environment, adequately heated, is like the pleasant feeling one experiences when wearing a warm bath-robe.

VETTA - towel warming radiator

Design rewards spontaneity and everyday practicality. This product is made entirely of aluminium making it outstandingly lightweight and flexible to use, meeting all the expected requirements of a constantly evolving market.

KLASS Straight Lines and Curves for a Luxurious Profile

The balanced proposition are result of a delicate play on straight lines and curves that create the luxorious profile of the selections.
A new design whith a unique character is born from the lightness of aluminium!